A new toast for Milwaukee

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414! Let’s have one more!

The process

We asked readers to submit their ideas for a new Milwaukee‑specific toast and narrowed down nearly 100 entries to the best 5, as decided by our qualified committee of judges. Then we asked Milwaukee citizens to rate their favorite choices.


The judges

Five qualified judges — experts of history, language, brewing, branding and social gathering — chose their favorite Milwaukee Toast based on the following criteria:

Garry Davis

Professor and Chair of the Linguistics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Evan Christian

WAMI Award-winning musician and owner of Gibraltar jazz club.

Angela Damiani

CEO of Newaukee.

Julio Maldonado

Partner at Maldonado & Morgan advertising agency and co-owner of Snifters.

Dr. Jana Weiß

Assistant Professor, History Department, University of Münster (Germany) focusing on the history of beer in Germany and the United States.


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The Milwaukee toast was unleashed into the world, under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license so the public can use, remix, design and sell it to your heart’s content. All other creative material related to the competition (such as visual designs, photography, logos, and more) © 2017-Present OnMilwaukee.